Map & Directions to our Shop/Workshop in Vyšné Hágy.

We are based in the 'Národný ústav Tuberkulôvej' hospital in Vyšné Hágy where we rent a room which we use as both a workshop, housing our printer and CNC machine as well as a shop displaying our products for you to pick up and admire the quality and maybe even buy.


You are free to call in at anytime we are open, Martin will be happy to see you on any Monday to Thursday and Zuzana on a Friday.

Drive through the stone arch and up to the Tatra Electric Railway crossing, cross and keep right, go through another arch and keep left up the hill. There is a carpark on your right but if you keep left and continue up and around the hairpin there is more parking in front of the main building and even more if you follow the road right. Parking is free but it can tricky finding a space so if you are fit park in the lower car park and walk up!

When you arrive go to the main entrance where there are automatic doors, then look to your left and there is a doorway leading to the Post Office and a food/coffee shop at the end.  We are the 2nd door in this corridor.  

You will also see a stand in the corridor with some of our goods when we are open. If you cannot see a stand then sorry we are closed.

Photos will be added to this page to help with navigation up the road for those who like visual aids. So keep looking.

Contact - Kontakt

+421 903 373 095 

+421 944 302 558

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