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Geranium 100% Essential Oil

Geranium 100% Essential Oil


The essential oil of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is purifying and regenerating. It is widely used in case of skin problems: mycosis, eczema, shingles, acne. Used in diffusion, its round perfumed and very pleasant perfume removes mosquitoes.


  • Benefits

    The benefits of Geranium Essential oil of are:


              Powerful anti-fungal

              Effective antibacterial

              Remarkable and healing hemostasis

              Astringent skin tonic

              Analgesic and anti-inflammatory

              Eliminate mosquitoes

              Promotes Thinning


              Skin tonic


  • Additional info

    All Aroflora essential oils are organic and certified. They are made in France and are 100% pure and natural.


    Precautions for use:


    Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not pour on a candle or any incandescent body. Keep away from sources of heat and light. Do not leave without supervision. Do not use continuously in an unventilated room. Not suitable for pregnant women and children under 36 months. Do not ingest.


    The plant and its power are the roots of our world. The aromatic and medicinal virtues of plants, discovered during Antiquity, have since been used to mitigate the ills of our civilisations.


    In this world where our body is subjected to the many pressures of our environment and our modern way of life, the use of essential oils appears as a simple and natural answer. True adjuvants of our well-being, they promote synergy and soothing of body and mind.


    Aroflora is a brand of essential oils that every day puts all its experience and energy into the development of ecological and innovative products.

  • Size:

    10ml bottle

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