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Ocelia - Ultrasonic diffuser

Ocelia - Ultrasonic diffuser


COLOUR CHANGING DIFFUSER: OCELIA diffusers combine the benefits of aromatherapy with soft light variations. It releases in the air, without heating the aromatic molecules, in order to preserve all of their properties. Equipped with a automatic shut-off and two diffusion modes, it will blend in any room of the house.


SIMPLE TO USE AND DESIGNED FOR DAILY USE : its exclusive technology ensures optimal protection for the diffusion and lighting system by preserving it from water and essential oils.


IDEAL DIFFUSER FOR AROMATHERAPY NOVICES: OCELIA is the ideal diffuser for those who wish to discover the world of essential oils with an entry level diffuser. Basic and practical, it is a must in our range!


  • Technical Specification

    - Power supply : 120/240V

    - Dimensions : H 14 x Diam. 10 cm

    - Atomiser ON/OFF button on the front of the diffuser

    - Light ON/OFF on the front of the diffuser

    - Water level sensor and auto stop feature when the water level is low 

  • Advantages

    • Coloured atmosphere

    • Cold diffusion that locks in the properties of the essential oils

    • Air humidification

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