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ONA Essential Oil Diffuser - Grey

ONA Essential Oil Diffuser - Grey


REFINED MATERIALS ALONG WITH THE BEST DIFFUSION TECHNOLOGY: the ONA diffuser is a cold air nebulizer. Equipped with a pump used in the medical sector and a glass diffusion chamber, pure essential oils are vaporised into millions of micro-particles that remain suspended in the air for hours.

ADJUSTABLE DIFFUSER: ONA has an electronic variable power feature to adapt its diffusion to the available space. 

It can diffuse essential oils up to 100 m2.


ONA IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND EFFECTIVE DIFFUSER ON THE MARKET: at the top of the range, this diffuser is aimed at lovers of aromatherapy who will value its performance as well as its design.

  • Technical Specification

    - Power supply : 220/240V –  6V / 500mA

    - Dimensions : H 20 x 10 cm

    - Weight :  690 g

    - Diffusion area :  up to100 sqm

  • Advantages

    • Powerful: diffusion area up to 100 m2

    • Made with eco-friendly bamboo fibre, wood and blown glass

    • Features power control to adjust the diffusion

    • New pump even more silent.

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